30+ Halloween Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes (Mocktails, Drinks for Kids & More!)

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~ At Halloween, non-alcoholic drink recipes are a must – for kids’ parties, for designated drivers, and for all those times when nobody wants to be spooky-drunk (like maybe that Halloween office luncheon). But you want your mocktails to be so terrific that nobody’s even gonna miss the alcohol. This outstanding collection definitely has you covered! ~

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Mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks are surging in popularity right now, from the high-end bar scene to all the non-alcoholic options showing up in the fridge at your local liquor store.

And recipe developers all across the Internet have been hard at work, creating delicious, alcohol-free recipe ideas for every party, every occasion. Including Halloween!

So, I asked my blogging buddies out there to share their non-alcoholic Halloween drink ideas … and boy-oh-boy did they come through with some fantastic inspiration!

Perfect options for Halloween party guests who’d rather not imbibe (cheers to all you designated drivers out there!). And equally perfect for kiddos and under-age partygoers, too.

As you scroll through the list below, you’ll see:

  • Scary-good mocktails adults will love (just as fancy as a typical cocktail, but without the alcohol-induced headache tomorrow!)
  • Cute, kid-pleasin’ ideas with fun Halloween colors and themes (oh yeah … floating eyeballs and monster-green hues and definitely some eerie smoke!)
  • And even a few autumn-focused drinks to enjoy all through October and the entire Halloween season (think breakfast smoothies or cozy sippers for quiet, relaxing moments).

So, no matter what type of Halloween celebration you’re planning … or who’s on the guest list, you’ll have a perfect, non-alcoholic drink option.

Festive and delicious … without any alcohol needed at all!

Non-Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

More Hauntingly Fabulous Halloween Recipes

So now you’ve got the Halloween-themed drinks covered … but maybe you need other ideas for your next Halloween bash. Like some recipes that’ll be both a big hit and also a healthier twist for your party buffet (and for October snacking, too).

Mwwwahahahaha …. we’ve gotcha covered here, too! Check out these diabolical ideas:

For fruit inspiration, you’ll love our:

All so adorable! Plus, we even have a whole showcase collection of Halloween Fruit Recipes, for even more ghoulishly fab suggestions to keep that sugar content in check while still creating celebratory magic.

For a savory idea, go with our Spooky Spider Halloween Appetizer Dip. So much fun – everyone will be digging in!

And, if your party’s guest list includes people with a variety of dietary needs, take a peek at our collection of Vegan Halloween Desserts. Besides being vegan (and vegetarian, of course), many of the recipes are also gluten-free and allergy-friendly, so anybody can enjoy them. Also some ideas there that are terrific for nut-free classroom parties, too!

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Happy Halloween, everyone!

I hope all your Halloween festivities are hauntingly delicious and extra spook-tacular!

~ by Shelley

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