What to Serve with Taco Soup

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Published Updated October 20, 2023

~ Wondering what to serve with Taco Soup, to turn it into an even more complete weeknight meal? Or maybe you want to set out some toppings and sides for a Mexican-themed party or tailgate? Either way, we have LOTS of delicious ideas for you! ~

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You’ve got a steaming, comforting pot of Taco Soup burbling away. (Maybe you even made our beloved recipe for “Easy Taco Soup with Ranch” – ooohhhhhh you’re gonna LOVE it!)

And no doubt, it’s a hearty, one-pot meal that doesn’t absolutely require you to make anything extra. That’s one of the reasons Taco Soup is so darn popular – it offers bold, satisfying flavors in a hurry, all in one big pot.

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But sometimes you crave something more than just a bowl of soup. An outstanding side dish or two, to really turn it into a meal!

Sides for Taco Soup

  • Maybe you’d like to set out some side dishes with fresh and simple flavors to balance out the hearty richness of the soup.
  • Or you might want to choose side dishes that specifically build on those yummy Mexican vibes you’ve cooked up in your big soup pot.
  • Or maybe you need some great ideas for what to serve with Taco Soup at a Cinco de Mayo party or a tailgate potluck (since Taco Soup is ideal for feeding a crowd!)

We’ve got so many scrumptious side dish ideas for you: from Mexican rice and cornbread to homemade tortilla chipsand from crisp, refreshing salads to cool, sweet fruit pairings. Plus guac and great salsas, of course. Even dessert!

And if you’re planning a full, gi-normous Mexican buffet, we’ve picked out a couple additional, terrific main courses that would be perfect to offer alongside your steaming pot of soup. (3-ingredient Tacos? Yes, please!)

Need TOPPINGS for Your Soup, Too?

Besides fantastic sides for Taco Soup, you might also need ideas for topping your cozy bowlful. Pop down toward the end of this article for a handy list of toppings ideas that’ll let everyone at the table customize their own bowl exactly the way they like!

Now, while your scrumptious soup finishes cooking to perfection, let’s pick out the best side dishes to serve with it!

What to Serve with Taco Soup

So many delicious side dish options, huh?!?

But remember I promised to give you some quick suggestions for toppings, too? (And BTW … all of these would be outstanding on our Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup … if you need another soup recipe suggestion to tuck away for later.)

What to Eat with Taco Soup (9 Favorite Toppings)

One of the really awesome things about Taco Soup is that it’s so easy to customize, depending on what toppings you add.

  • It’s a winning “taco night” family dinner option, since everyone can personalize their own bowlful, simply by selecting the toppings they like best.
  • And for a tailgate or even a Cinco de Mayo party? Set out an enticing toppings bar to get guests mingling and creating their own, delicious DIY experience!

Toppings not only offer extra layers of flavor, but can also add texture and vibrant, appealing color to the soup. Here are some of the most common, favorite toppings:

1. Tortilla Chips – Crunchy tortilla strips or chips are a must! In our favorite Taco Soup recipe, we suggest tossing some crushed corn chips into the bottom of your bowl, before ladling the soup on top. But I’m here to tell ya … there’s basically no wrong way to add those chips. Sprinkle some on top, use them for dipping … it’s all good!

Pro Tip: What Kind of Tortilla Chips to Choose

For extra nutrition and a sturdy texture, reach for a multigrain chip. Thin, delicate chips don’t stand up very well to the thick, rich, piping hot soup.

2. Shredded Cheese – Shredded cheddar or a Mexican cheese blend is another must-have for Taco Soup, adding a creamy, rich flavor. (I always recommend using a reduced-fat option to shave some unwanted fat and calories.)

3. Sour Cream – A dollop of sour cream (again … preferably reduced-fat) offers a tangy coolness that complements the savory spiciness of the soup.

4. Cilantro – Fresh cilantro adds bright, herbaceous notes and an alluring pop of color.

Overhead of soup in handled yellow bowl on cutting board, with toppings and second dish of soup and bowl of shredded cheese to the side.

5. Avocado or Guacamole – Chopped avocado adds a buttery, creamy texture to this Mexican soup. It’s also a good source of healthy fats. A spoonful of homemade guac is great, too (and we’ve got a recipe for you, linked in the recipe collection up above)!

6. Green Onions – Sliced green onions give you a mild onion flavor and a bright, pretty bit of green color. Or, try minced red onion if you want a little more zing.

7. Jalapeños – Looking for some extra heat? Sliced jalapeños not only look pretty on top of your Taco Soup, they also bring some kick to the party. If you prefer a milder heat, simply remove the seeds and white, inner membrane from your pepper before you slice it.

8. Hot Sauce – Here’s another way to add some pep! We use various hot sauces A LOT at our house, since some of my family likes milder or medium heat, while other people want hot, hot, hot. Setting out a bottle of your favorite hot sauce gives each person control of the heat level.

9. Chopped Tomatoes – Add some garden-fresh flavor with a few vibrantly red bits of tomato, or even try a spoonful of salsa or pico de gallo.

However You Serve It … It’s Gonna Be Great!

It’s no wonder Taco Soup is so popular – both for quick, cozy family dinners, and for serving a crowd at parties and tailgates.

All by itself, it’s already jam-crammed with big flavors! The combination of spices, beans, and tomatoes creates a rich, satisfying taste that’s hard to resist.

But it also lends itself so well to customizations, based on the toppings you offer and the sides for Taco Soup you set out along with it.

Go light and refreshing, or go hearty and full-on Mexican. Choose classics like guacamole, salsa and chips, or highlight trendier options like quinoa.

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There’s no bad choice here, friends. Pick and choose your favorites, or change ’em up every time you serve it!

The most important thing to do? JUST GET COOKING!

And mmmmmmmm … ENJOY!!

~ by Shelley

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